Who are we?

Who we are

THEPURCHASEADVANTAGE.COM is an Evoqua Water Technologies website carrying industrial, municipal and residential products, covering just about any process water application. Start shopping by clicking a product category on the left or on one of the drop down lists above. Among many products, Purchase Advantage distributes RO membranes from Filmtec™, Hydranautics™ Toray™, Axeon Water as well as ion exchange resins from Dow and Evoqua. The Purchase Advantage also carries Aquafine™ UV units, cartridge filters from Evoqua, Pentek®, Harmsco™, and Axeon Water. Chemical feed systems from LMI®, Puslafeeder® and Stenner® are available for any chemical treatment application. Take advantage of our technical support staff to recommend products for specific applications or have your ion exchange resin tested to ensure optimum system performance.