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High quality water filters and cartridges for every application

Evoqua Water Technologies carries water filters for every application - residential, commercial, industrial and high purity. Our water filtration systems offer high quality and efficiency. The water filter cartridges are made in the USA and are ideal for any prefiltration or sediment reduction application. Learn more about water filtration today.

Evoqua water filters use the modern filtration technology of removing suspended contaminations and solid matter from liquid stream by passing it through assortment water filtration systems. This includes the filtration through a variety microporous filters, activated carbon cartridge filters, greensand cartridge filters, diatomaceous earth filters and multimedia cartridge filters.
Water filters apply different media to remove contaminants, depending on your application. For the best results we use a variety of filtration systems, including sand, quartz and anthracite, as well as conditioned media for manganese and iron removal and activated carbon. PENTEK® and Harmsco® water systems and filters are excellent choices for residential and commercial POE (point of entry) and POU (point of use) applications. Melt spun and string wound water filters are designed for a variety of particulate filtration and prefiltration applications such as SDI (service or portable deionization), reverse osmosis, and CDI (Continuous Deionization) Systems. Hydraphobic vent filters are used in water storage tanks to equalize air pressure inside and outside the tank without contaminating the water inside with bacteria and/or particulates. The Purchase Advantage carries quality plastic filters that are refillable with a variety of medias. Our high purity filter cartridges are ideal for commercial and industrial applications that require a higher quality nominal rated filter. We also offer high quality filters from Watts Carbon, Aqua Pure and Axeon Water.

Evoqua's water filters and cartridges come in a variety sizes, capabilities and end caps for all your filtration applications.

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