Aquafine DW-8 (10GPM) UV System
    Close Aquafine DW-8 (10GPM) UV System

    Aquafine DW-8 (10GPM) UV System

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    Product Description

    The Aquafine DW-8 UV system is for use with clear, fresh water which is not visibly contaminated and which does not have an obvious contamination source is acceptable for the DW. Aquafine recommends contacting a local water treatment company for expert on-site analysis and installation of appropriate pretreatment equipment if necessary. Surface water treatment will require the additional protection of cyst-removal filters. Professional consultation will insure that your system provides comprehensive filtration as well as disinfection.

    Units can be mounted either vertically or horizontally depending on available space. The DW-8 requires approximately 36 inches to the right for periodic servicing of the quartz sleeve and UV lamp. Effectiveness of UV lamp output will naturally decline with time. Annual lamp replacement is typically required, along with periodic cleaning of the quartz sleeve (frequency is dependent upon water quality). Refer to the owner's manual for details. The 120 VAC/60 Hz (standard U.S.power supply) DW-8 model is UL listed. The 240 VAC/50 Hz DW-8 model is CE listed.

    • Flow Capacity: 10 GPM
    • Clear Fresh Water: 2.3 m3/hr
    • No. of UV Lamps: 1
    • UV Dosage Seconds / cm2: >30,000
    • Maximum Operating Pressure: 120 psig (8.3 bar)
    • Test Pressure: 180 psig (12.4 bar)
    • Pressure Drop: <2psig (<0.14 bar)
    • Water Temperature Range: 35 degrees F to 100 degrees F (2 degrees C to 38 degrees C)
    • Ambient Temperature Range: 33 degrees F to 110 degrees F (1 degrees C to 43 degrees C)
    • Chamber Material: 304/316L SS Passivated
    • Cabinet Material: Blue Powder Coat Cold-Rolled Steel
    • Inlet/Outlet Size: 3/4" Male NPT
    • Drain Port: 1/4" NPT
    • Total Current @ 120 (240) VAC: .51 Amps (.27)
    • Total Power @ 120 (240) VAC: 61 Watts(65)
    • Power Requirements: 120VAC/60Hz/1ph or 240VAC/50Hz/1ph
    • UV Lamp LED Visual Verification Lamp is "ON": Standard
    • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) Inches (cm): 38 x 5 x 10 (94 x 12 x 25)
    • Shipping Weight: 42 lbs (19 kg)
    • Shipping Size: 6.1 ft3(.17 m3)